The Idea for The Group Give

In 2009 I volunteered to do the emailed newsletter for a local pet rescue. A few months before I volunteered to do this, someone at the pet rescue had decided that since they could cover their basic operating expenses each month with $5000, that they were going to get 12 local businesses to donate $5000 once a year and offer them promotional advertising on their site, and in the packet that goes with the adopted animals. In four months they had gotten one business to contribute and had no other real potentials.

The bad economy was in full swing and I remember thinking, “Businesses don’t have $5000 lying around to give in one lump sum.  When you buy a car, you make payments on it, I think that the people who want to give would rather give a little bit, on a regular basis, than give a large sum all at once,” so I proposed that to the members in the emailed newsletter. If 1000 people gave only $5 each month, it would accomplish the same goal.

We never quite accomplished that goal, but that is what gave me the idea, and it has never left me.

It is a good idea and others have had it, because now there is “crowdfunding”. Sites where you can raise money for a goal. One person may not be able to contribute a large amount, but if 100 people, or 1000 people, pooled their contributions, they could do bigger things, and often. By giving as a group, we can see more done with our small contributions. I hope you will want to help because, together we can do more.

Kathleen – The Group Give