My Beginning. Plus a video worth watching

I wish to emulate Mark Horvath who created and who I started following on twitter when I was homeless a year an half ago. A documentary company called The Kindling Group is making a film about him. See the trailer below and you will understand why I could easily be him, and him me (Don’t miss the 18 year old boy at 1:10). Their funding campaign for the documentary is over. But I hope to be able to generate contributions too, so I might eventually help others also. — Blessings, Kathleen


10 thoughts on “My Beginning. Plus a video worth watching

  1. Dearest heart, Thankyou for sharing and asking. It gives me courage to do the same. I would like to send you some support this week. God bless you for doing what you are passionate about and helping others. I admire you. Thankyou.

    • Thanks Pixi, much appreciation if you can help. I am glad that you found courage in my asking. So many have so much and so many have so little and maybe I can help get a few of them together. That’s the goal. 😀

      • Dearest Kathleen, have just send my little contribution (small but completely from my heart and send with much love and gratitiude)
        . May the love of others be a source of warmth and radiance for you and your beautiful business. Namaste dear soul. xo

        • Thank you with all my heart Pixi. It is much appreciated. I believe that there is no kindness that is small.“

          “Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”

          Scott Adams (1957)
          Creator Of Dilbert Comic Strip

  2. Dear Kathleen, I truly wish you all the best with your endeavor. I honor your courage, your commitment to help others, your willingness to keep on dreaming until your dream becomes a reality and your choice to be grateful for the little things in the midst of challenges.
    When I read the article “10 reasons why you are lovable” I thought of you suddenly, so I guess the Divine asked me to send this message to you. Here it comes and never forget that you are lovable.

    • Thanks Sabine, that was wonderful! You are so kind. I will be reposting that here or on my personal blog soon because I liked it so much. I smiled because that really is me. I only wondered about courage. I only continue to press on because there really is no other option. I think I would have gladly given up long ago if that were actually possible. I have a soon, future blog post on that too. Thanks for your comments and your help :o)

      • It seems to me that you still are not your best friend. If you were, you would see immediately how courageous you are. Many people who for a while can barely make it through the days financially and emotionally start to numb their pain and fears with alcohol or become hostile toward everybody because they lost their faith in the goodness of people.
        You, Kathleen, have the courage to stay open to your feelings (no matter how painful) and to the world around you. You have the courage to give the possibility that things can change for the better a chance. You have the courage to believe that compassion, love and kindness have not vanished from the earth only because you have to endure severe challenges. You are even courageous enough to envision a way how to help others who are confronted with similar challenges to help themselves, that is you go beyond your own day-to-day experiences even in a survival-situation to co-create a better world with all who are willing to do so. This is fricken courageous and of course you could have chosen to just give up and to not care of anybody anymore. You can be so proud of what you are capable!!! I wish you would see and acknowledge all the light and love that is within you. You are one of the heroines that are so needed in our world who are capable of learning and growing from all the challenges and use them as stepping stones to heal what needs to be healed in our world. Again, I honor you for your courage and I hope that you start doing that for yourself soon.

        • I am NOT my best friend, I have dogs for that. — JUST kidding, you know I am a work in progress. Many years ago I remember thinking, why would anyone devote their lives to their tragedy. To be reminded of it everyday in what you do. Why wouldn’t they want to get FAR away from it. Why would they want to think about it at all. (I am an escapist. An avoider.) It may have been as far back as 1981 when John Walsh’s son Adam was abducted and killed in South Florida and he has devoted his life to finding bad guys. He created the TV show, America’s Most Wanted. I always wondered why someone would want to saturate themselves in their horror. I think I kind of get it now. To start with, you kind of want to make sense of it. To cull something good from something bad. But you also want to try to prevent it from happening to someone else. Being homeless and alone SUCKS, and maybe I can help, even one person, be just, not alone. I think it might be nice if I could help alleviate, for someone else, something that has been SO traumatic for me.
          — Thanks and Love to you Sabine

  3. Hi Kathleen,
    I love the idea of sponsoring a homeless person. We do it in this country for youngsters, so they can get off the streets & we always support the Salvation Army as they do so much. But to actually support a homeless individual is a nice idea & it is looking after one of our own, who have fallen on hard times. Lord knows there are a lot of them out them. Many are ex service personnel & they deserve better. I will keep checking your blog. Keep positive, you’ll get there. Love to the babies x

    • Thanks Tracey, I think the UK has a better grip on homelessness than the US. The popluation seems to be more aware and more compassionate. In the US it is still the prevailing myth that homeless people are all drunks, drug addicts, or “crazies” and while some surely are, the current economy has flooded homelessness with the middle class, or at least the lower middle class. I know for myself, that prior to 2001, I was a person who could NEVER be homeless. And then I was. — It makes you question everything.

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